McCain: “Fundamental” Differences in Definition

September 24, 2008

As Francis Bacon observed, idols of the marketplace are, among other things, errors due to the misuse of language. 

After reading about the many ways in which Senator McCain is attempting to reinterpret his simple statement about being “fundamentally a deregulator,” I had to stop and consider why it was that the idea of redefining the word fundamental seemed so fresh?!   Likely because of his recent erroneous assertion that “fundamentals of our economy are still strong.”  Fundamentals of the economy have traditionally been unemployment, growth, and inflation, but are now, according to McCain, hard-working American citizens.  (I can see us editing the aged script of essential documents already:  We, the Fundamentals…”)

The last week has made it painfully apparent that all confusion regarding the McCain campaign is due to one of two things:

1)  McCain has no idea what he’s talking about in terms of the economy, which is the majority of Americans’ primary concern in the coming election, or

2)  McCain’s FUNDAMENTAL misunderstanding of the word FUNDAMENTAL.   And to remedy his missteps, he has twice taken to attempting to redefine a word which, prior to his statements, has never necessitated redefinition in the public sphere.

Communication between two human beings can be difficult on so many levels, which is why we tend to resort to “shared” meanings, which are then recorded in dictionaries, which may be accessed in person at libraries and such, or online.  I suggest McCain sell one of his apparently innumerable houses and invest the proceeds in a series of such reference books, and study the definitions and common usage of words before employing them to his (dis)advantage.

Come on, McCain!  Join the millions of Fundamentals who believe life is so much easier when words have, what’s the phrase I’m looking for– FUNDAMENTAL MEANING.


One Response to “McCain: “Fundamental” Differences in Definition”

  1. Jenna Says:

    But, I think we all can agree on one very important matter here… Sarah Palin certainly puts the “Fun – Hockeymom – moosekilling – abstinence only – I can see Russia from my house” back into the meaning of “Fundamental”.

    And, c’mon America… that’s what we really need.

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