Kill, Baby Kill.

June 4, 2010

Oil soaked pelican struggles to lift a wing.

Drill, Baby Drill? Try Kill, Baby Kill.

As an oil-soaked pelican struggles to lift a wing,  I wonder when we’ll lift a finger to solve this problem.

This horrific occasion is only one of many disasters related to our lack of energy independence.  We need to be as interested in fixing this spill as we are in fixing the ongoing problem:  you know, the one that is permanently disfiguring our coastlines, destroying wildlife and dismantling a fragile regional economy.

Rumors have circulated that BP could have done more to mitigate the effects of this disaster, but that they sat on the sidelines,   too concerned that certain spill interventions would disrupt their future ability to drill at Deepwater Horizon.

And everybody’s pointing fingers at policy, at the president.  You’re pointing at everyone but the person you need to be pointing at.  Yourself.  And while you’re at it, point at me, too.   Until you and I are willing to make serious adjustments to the ways in which we buy and utilize natural resources, we’re the problem.

Fuck the politics.  Let’s just fix it.  And then let’s get busy fixing our dependence on a dangerously difficult-to-access substance.   Whether it’s from the hands of  opposing governments who fund terrorist organizations with our cash (who have even weaker environmental restrictions in their drilling processes than we do) or from the dangerously deep mile-down wells on our very own shores, we simply have a problem getting a hold of the stuff.  That should say enough.

There is a narrow-minded myth that we need a replacement (note: singular) for oil.

We never needed a replacement.

We need about a thousand replacements and mitigations.   That means conservation, wind energy, the death of the gas-powered vehicle, and so much more.


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